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Liara enjoyed Kayla's massage visibly. But after a while Liara had the feeling it would be time to turn the tables.
After Kayla had sat down on the table, Liara began to massage her neck. But her hands lingered there only briefly and
before Shep could react, a blue hand had already paved its way into the lower region.
Kayla quickly realized that in this situation any resistance was futile. She decided to lean back and relish Liara's gentle touches.

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Posing and rendering in blender.  Don’t upload my work anywhere without my permission.
Mass Effect and its characters belongs to Bioware / Electronic Arts
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Sensitive-July Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2017
Lol. I see that there are many who bombs what I say. For several days I have received your answers and podёby and I was terribly funny to read. And do you know how you look at this Pairing.
It's not about sex. God bless him. This is a natural and quite enjoyable part of our life, it is the need for nature. Nothing extraordinary, magical and obscene in it there.
This artifact and others like him are terrible two things.
The first thing is that the vulgar art. Under the "vulgar" I do not mean the fact that it Liara and Shepard exposed or that they commit a sexual act. Here I'm just wildly laughing at you. And that Liara with all its depth the inner world, with all its infinite love and spirituality in here (and in other artah, about which I wrote above) looks like a slut and a prostitute. The same can be said about Shepard. Again, what I mean (before you start throwing tomatoes and laugh).  In similar work in both of them lurks focus on getting physical pleasure. That is, they both think only about how to get an orgasm stronger and not about each other at this point, is not that the both of them were good. I myself am writing stories on this Pairing, highly rated, with all the details. I saw frank work of other artists, which also depicts sex Liara and Shepard. Yes, this is natural, yes, sometimes it can be a pleasant and joyful. And just having fun.
But the important thing is not what is portrayed and how. If the characters do not look if they look like cute women, who have eyes but emptiness, a fucking stupidity and nothing more ... I feel sorry for people who like it. They are perverts. Those people who think only about sex and more about anything else. Who sit, FAP there under the table and thinking, what else would be used at the next practice partner (if at all, your mother). Because people are born without moral development vulgar. Of the people who think only about satisfying, nothing above the animal does not come out. Selfish, instigators, people who still need to distort, humiliate and debase. I feel sorry for these people. So when I go to a foreign forum and vyzhu tall top off these distortions, I understand that the difference between the foreign forum and no relatives there. What people here and there, you can call the same and do not make a mistake. With here and there a minority zasmotritsya at the same frank, but a spirituality of work, full of passion and love.
And the second thing is the distortion. Which I already partly described above. Distortion when the artist spits on the canon, on the quality of the characters and draws from the type of head that he is interested in sexual terms. That's what I said when I said that spoiled canon. I do not want to think about how such things as artists drool on girls whores, who only know how to put his fingers to his lips, and do stupid views ... horror. Worse yet, and that a comb like distortion and degradation characters get that in such situations (even in the same hot tub and in the same positions) look different, behave differently, to look at each other differently. But this problem has been the artist himself. With its head.

I was so lazy to write this garbage and explain the everyday things that I will not even fix bugs Google translator and apologize for them.
Grummel83 Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You've really a strange view on the things. It could be called far away from reality. If you regard such an image already as vulgar you should stay away from most media.
It seams that it makes no sense to argue with you. You've your own special opinion and I don't want to unnecessary waste my time with you.
As long none of the authors of the mass effect character tell me that what I make is not appropriate for that characters, I don't care about your opinion.
At least we agree in one point. That what you wrote is garbage. But I'm still curious, why the heck do you comment my work? There's so much works around here which is really worse.
GFSLEGION Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh mei. :rofl: this took you so long? :rofl: and still it doesn`t make sense. Are you afraid to answer directly to me lol ?
Accept or not your idea of this pairing is not the idea of everyone. You cannot prevent anyone to make pics according to the intention and imagination of the artist.
But we got it now. You are a little innocent shy girl in a big big evil world. Welcome to the reality.
I just have one question: Why are you writing this on the page of my boyfriend and not on the page of artists who really make pervert and vulgar art? Why did you look at this?
By the way feel free to take a look on my page and get annoyed by my art :rofl:
BarbDBarb Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh wow this is amazing :D Kayla's expression is just oh boi :D great job!Heart 
Grummel83 Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks a lot, happy you like it. :huggle:
I liker her expression too, especially cause it turned out like this in no time.
Sometimes luck and fortuity are good helper while posing. 2016 NaNoEmo - #24 Cutie Whistle
gothikuk Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2016
and i am going to do that story i promised you a while back, just got caught uo with the work thing this being the busiest time of year and all that, But as i am on holiday after next week i will make it a priority. Was it the strange twins you wanted with Cassie?
Grummel83 Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You confused me first a little bit. But after seeing the last sentence I presume that you mean GFS and not me.
gothikuk Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2017
aahhhhh apologies...had a few to drink lol sorry my friend
Grummel83 Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
No need to ;)
Some drinks with friends are a good excuse. :cheers: 
Sensitive-July Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2016
Why do you like that sort of thing? What do you find them? What is special about them?
Grummel83 Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Can you be more precise what you mean? Is it the scenery, the setting, the actors, the topic, a certain posing or maybe just the lack of clothes?
Sensitive-July Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2017
Of course. I mean distortion of the characters of the characters, for some reason, the same pattern with them on the walls in the pool, for some reason, use biotics during sex and, yes, I mean it is a vulgar connotation. I found the other arts, in which Shepard and Liara were not these. But those arts was focused not on the topic of sex, and romance. And I never knew what the heck their bodies so shine like lotions smeared? Art is in the best characteristics of a typical porn. That's what hurts. Think of someone you have drawn. Although, of course, don't judge me, I'm not an artist, but simply a fan of the game, a fan of this pairing and respect for ethics. As they say, to each his own, and for the goods there will always a fan. But if someone has a bad taste. If he likes things that puts to shame the holy. You could choose any other fandom. Any other pair. At that's exactly the headers in the same direction. In the sex. You could even draw the original, rather than Shepard and Liara. But then I need not blame you specifically. And the people who love it, who do you draw, right? Society vulgar perverts who no longer know where else to direct their creativity. Unsubscribe fucking.
Grummel83 Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Characteristic distortion? Wow, you've an interesting point of view. It's not that I showed any hardcore content here or is it already reprehensible to show intimate things?
I mean, what do you think, they did in the night before Ilos or the attack on the cerberus headquarter?
Playing card or bingo whole night? And I don't see anything bad or kind of distortion in showing romantic or intimate images.
About the biotics, first of all I like the effect, secondly biotic effects were already used in the game. Or what was it else during the earlier mentioned scenes?. Like it or don't, that's up to you.
And the images in the back are simply decoration. Just renders I previously made and like. Better than the naked walls.
I can't talk for other, but in this case the shiny skin was made with purpose. Shortly before this image, they both took a show, are were only slightly dried.
Or is it already the oil (for the massage). That's what the bowl contains. Who knows.

Why should I make other fandoms, when I like this. Only cause other have problems with certain content I made? I do what I like cause it's my hobby.
And as you that you aren't an artist. If you would make works on your own, you're free to do whatever you want, as long it's not against the rules.

If you don't like such arts or it's against your own perception of ethic, then just go away. There are thousand and thousand of other pics on dA.
Your kind of view is your thing but is not necessary obligatory for others. I respect that you've your own opinion, but I don't need to share it.

So put all together, the answer why I do such thing is, cause I like to do. From the idea of creating, posing and rendering can be very relaxing.
GFSLEGION Featured By Owner Edited Jan 3, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Hmm I couldn't resist, sorry. First no offenses, but...
Art is the expression of imagination and of course it is often romantic and sexual. But this is no porn honestly, better go to my site ;) ...there is rather porn according to your attitude. Have you ever seen real porn?? sorry for asking..
I also have another question: What do you think what are Shep and Liara are doing behind closed doors? Do you think they are just "holding hands" ? Or do they have the right to be sexual?
I don't know whats happening in your imagination, but this art shows the visualisation of one other mind, different mind and in my opinion still respectful.. If you think this is pervert..hmmm ok... well then don't look at it, don't fave or like it. No one is forcing to watch this, remember please.
If you have your own idea of this romance, pairing of these chars or whatever and how they be together..ok..fine...hey why not..That's totally OK.

According to your questions before: I would like to answer for my boyfriend if you allow me...

Why do you like that sort of thing? - because looking at it, makes me smile and creates imagination, my brain is working.... good job by the artist..mass effect goes on...
What do you find them? - they are a great couple and YES I want to believe and imagine they are sexual interacting- sex is part of relationship!!!
What is special about them? - Its the spirit of both and yes the biotics are hot. And yes I want to believe there is a way of having ultra fantastic sex. Who doesn't want this?

I am a pervert now??? Huh I don't know, I don't care.. I like it and as I know how much effort in posing, setting up, materials and rendering it takes for this scene...its an excellent work!!!!

The problem you are talking about is a general one concerning the" taste" of society or preferences of peoples nowadays, turning everything into sex..but saying this one is violating ethics or respect of those chars is pretty too much, too far.. By the way, DA has rules about porn and violation, this is not touching the rules!!

PS: I am just the russian Mass Effect version censored????????
GFSLEGION Featured By Owner Edited Jan 5, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Seems you are too coward to answer this, also concerning to your other comments on other artist's sites (I saw by coincedence) , I believe yourself being someone just running around writing stupid comments or start sensless argumentation without ability to create something on your own....
So my suggestion: As you said yourself, you are NOT an artist, thats right so better not comment.
Always remember: Nobody forces you to look, watch or fav anything here. If you have problems with this kind of art, then you should leave DA asap, honey!!!!!

PS: Oh silly me, of course there is no russian Mass Effect version, sounds rude but these are facts.

Oh and I have some questions to you if you are brave enough to answer:

Why don't you like that sort of thing?

What is your real problem?
GFSLEGION Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Very hot Hasi horny revamp keep it on :horny: revamp  next pic please.
Grummel83 Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks Purzelchen. :surprise-kiss:
This surely not the last one. I've already an idea or two how this day could go on. ;)
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